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move testcases out of firefox_ui_harness


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(firefox42 fixed, firefox43 fixed, firefox44 fixed, firefox-esr38 wontfix)

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firefox42 --- fixed
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Right now FirefoxTestCase is in firefox_ui_harness/testcases/ We want it to be in firefox_puppeteer/ instead. 

Why: we will be moving parts of firefox_ui_harness into the Marionette test runner in mozilla-central and moving firefox_puppeteer into mozilla-central (bug 1212608, bug 1212609); however, we don't want Marionette test runner to depend on firefox_puppeteer.
Assignee: ujjwalhatuwal → w.ujjwal
Similarly, firefox_ui_harness/testcases/ should be moved to firefox_ui_tests/testcases/
Summary: move FirefoxTestCase from firefox_ui_harness into firefox_puppeteer → move testcases out of firefox_ui_harness
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Attachment #8677082 - Flags: review?(hskupin)
Maja Frydrychowicz,
FirefoxTestCase and UpdateTestCase, both have been moved to firefox_puppeteer
Thanks, ujjwal. This looks good, but I think you missed Comment #1 above. UpdateTestCase should not be in firefox_puppeteer; please update your PR accordingly.
Maja Frydrychowicz,
Sorry, I missed that. I have updated the code.
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Move FirefoxTestCase from firefox_ui_harness into firefox_puppeteer

Thanks, ujjwal. Looks good.
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Move FirefoxTestCase from firefox_ui_harness into firefox_puppeteer

Looks perfect now! Thank you a lot for this patch. I will get it landed shortly.
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Merged the PR to mozilla-central:

Maja, do you think we should backport that patch and following ones to older branches? If we don't do that it might get harder to backport important changes due to that tests will diverge more and more. Personally I would do it - all should apply cleanly.
Flags: needinfo?(mjzffr)
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 44
Good point. Yes, let's backport.
Flags: needinfo?(mjzffr)
After backporting a couple of other patches to the older branches I can finally backport this patch now to beta and release. I will not fix it on esr38 which is too complicated to do due to all the merge conflicts. If we have troubles on that branch with newer releases of Marionette, we have to stick it to an older version. (beta) (release)
Closed: 8 years ago
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Product: Mozilla QA → Testing
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