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Firefox 42 beta 8 tab sound indicator incompatible with small tab widths


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Steps to reproduce:

* Install Classic Theme Restorer:
* Set tab min-width to 31
* Open many tabs, and start playing a YouTube video in one

Actual results:

Tab overflows onto the adjacent tab (see attached screenshot)

Expected results:

If the tab width is too small, it should do what currently happens with pinned tabs, instead of overflowing over to the next tab.  I usually have many, many tabs open and would like the tab min-width as small as possible, which worked great until the sound indicator icon was introduced.
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I tried to reproduced this installing the theme on a new profile, but it looks good on my one. 
Latest Nightly 44 and release 41, on windows 7 - 32 bit. both looks fine.

May be related to windows 10 ????
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I was able to reproduce this in a new profile on Windows 7 -- did you install Classic Theme Restorer and set tab min-width to 31?  I realize this is not officially supported, but it worked until now, and there seems to be a possibly easy fix that has already been implemented for pinned tabs.  (also, the close button overflows in this Windows 7 screenshot, but I normally move it to the tab toolbars end, so it's not a problem)
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oh wait, you are setting the tab min-width manually to 31 px ??
In that case you are forcing the tabs to get less wider and the icons will definitely either overlap or get hidden I think. which is very normal
Yes, that's correct.  Thin tabs are a must-have for me, but I do realize that they are no longer officially supported.  I was just hoping that there might be an easy fix for this, since pinned tabs already display the behavior that I would want on my non-pinned tabs.  I was hoping it would be something as simple as:

if (tab_width < threshold) {
} else {

Otherwise, will there be a way to disable the sound indicator icon completely?  The only reason I use Firefox is the ability to have narrow (and scrollable) tabs, which no other browser seems to have.  Thanks!
Thanks, we hope developers will take your opinion under consideration :)
Changing the status to New, to get more attention into it, as I was able to reproduce it on Windows 10x64 with the STR from the description.
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After I updated to FireFox 43 (though on beta channel), I see not sound indicator at all any more, even on pinned tabs (though, previously, they were visible and active). Is it correct behaviour now that pinned tabs (that are obviously super small) do not have sound indicator, too, by design?
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