Fennec: scrolling - occasional low resolution rendering - more than chrome




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2 years ago
2 years ago


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2 years ago
It happens quite frequently on relatively complex sites. The symptom is that the site renders in visibly lower resolution while scrolling, especially fast, and it’s not very pretty.

Test clip (shows visiting http://yahoo.com on both Fennec and Chrome) - notice especially the beginning of the fast swipes at the first 30s of the clip: https://people.mozilla.org/~ahalachmi/share/content-perf/fennec-slow-fast-lowres-yahoo~2015-10-19.mp4

This very rarely happens with chrome, and I _think_ that when it happens in chrome then it uses higher resolution than in Fennec.

Tested using:
Fennec: Aurora 43.0a2 API11 2015-09-30
Chrome: 39.0.2171.93
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