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3 years ago

(all Opt)
* Linux32 - Completed fine
* Linux64 - Completed fine
* Android-arm 
   - Hit an issue with build process, as implemented by the mozharness script
       -- Needed TARGET specified for MAKE but we don't actually need it set as anything valid (only used for java stuff)
       -- Needed to set NDKROOT as well which the script doesn't use properly, I grabbed the ndk from our internal tooltool, manually [ version was (r10e-rc4 (64-bit)) ]
       -- Needed to set NDKLEVEL otherwise the build failed with a stdint error. I set this to NDKLEVEL=9 per snorp's recommendation, saying that was what we wanted for both arm and x86
* Android-x86
    -- Same issues as above for Android-arm, except I also had to add ARCH=x86 to the makefile invoke

* OSX-32
    -- same issues as my first attempts, where I need to run svn manually first, so I can permanently accept the google code cert.
    -- used yasm instead of nasm
* OSX-64
    -- same as OSX above

* win32
    -- script uses gittool, for sources, which doesn't work on windows, so had to do it manually
    -- couldn't just skip "checkout sources" since we needed the supporting libs as well [gmp-api and gtest]
    -- upload failed due to rsync not working on windows, ran scp manually

* win64
    -- failing to link, sent maire and a few others an e-mail for advice, code details in for now.

I also note for future, that the stage.m.o upload path, won't be sticking around, and "just happens" to still work for now, c.f. Bug 1213772

I have not yet attempted the signing of the win32 result.

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3 years ago
I was able to get win64 linked last night.

I signed both with authenticode (not a sha2 cert) and included the unsigned versions in the handoff.

I handed off to Maire and Chris Atlee, who will then pass along to Cisco.

I plan to get some of these scripts updated to make next pass slightly easier.

Will reopen if this (v1.5-Firefox39) needs another pass.
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