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Enable MOZ_WEBRTC for Firefox OS on aarch64


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FxOS-S10 (30Oct)
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We need this or we hit this condition:

Which is an error because `cpu-features.c` no longer exists.

Whatever it was originally used for is probably redundant, and can be removed as it was removed from the Android NDK 4 years ago.
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Looks fine to me but you need a build peer review for changes to
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We don't put Signed-off-by lines in commit messages.

I'm tempted to say this is incomplete. That is, I don't see a reason not to enable webrtc on aarch64. But it isn't related to the specific reasons you are giving in the commit message. In fact, I'd argue you should actually fix the webrtc-disabled case as well.
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Actually I misinterpreted the error. Here it is in full:

    File listed in SOURCES does not exist: '/home/adfad666/B2G/gecko/home/adfad666/B2G/ndk/sources/android/cpufeatures/cpu-features.c'

The file _does_ exist, but the path is invalid.

I'll update the commit message and open a new bug for this.
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No change to patch, only updated the commit message.

Bug 1218702 created for NDK path bug.
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removing the b2g 2.5 flag since this commit has been reverted due to an incorrect merge, sorry for the confusion
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