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Google scroll bars don't appear


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Firefox 41
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Google Plus has scrollbars that appear on scroll and disappear afterwards on the chrome android browser. But these scrollbars don't appear on firefox for android. Scrolling in the page works, there's just no indication of how long the page is.

This can be seen on a long article, like

The same issue can be seen on the main search page, e.g., when the search box is focussed and the onscreen keyboard appears - the bottom of the search page is hidden but you can scroll to it. Again the scrollbar appears in chrome but not in firefox.

Strangely, when I actually make a search, the scrollbar on the results page does work in firefox mobile.

Firefox 41.0.2
Chrome 46.0.2490.76
Android 5.1.1 (Nexus 7)

The same problem is seen on android phones.
Thanks Oliver for the report.

Testing on Gecko desktop with Firefox Android UA, it's working as expected. I don't have Firefox Android in my hand this week. Will test later on the real device.
Whiteboard: [country-all] [needsdiagnosis]
I can reproduce. Looking at the inspector, the overflow styling of this page is very complicated. There's overflow:hidden on HTML, BODY and several of the nested elements. Then there is an overflow-y:auto element with several position:relative children, some of which have other overflow:hidden children. Needs a real minimize session..
Testing on Firefox Android Nightly 48. I see the scrolling bar. Very thin. but visible.
Hallvord might double check.
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I still don't see it - this is Beta though, version 47. Would be great if there really is a fix resolving this in 48 so I don't have to spend time minimizing it :)
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I see it in Nightly too :)
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