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Start producing allthethings.json based on


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Not set


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By doing this, the community and releng can produce exactly the same file and we can easily restore the set up.

Steps taken:
* Disable cronjobs on armenzg's and catlee's account
* Cloned braindump under /home/buildduty/braindump
 # As root
 chown buildduty /var/www/html/builds/allthethings.json*
 # As buildduty; we specify which python to use so it is 2.7.3 rather than 2.6
 ~/braindump/community/ -p /usr/local/bin/python2.7
 # First run
* Verify that the file shows in here with an updated date [1]
* Added this cron to buildduty's:
 */15 * * * *  $HOME/braindump/community/
 5 0 * * *      find /var/www/html/builds/ -type f -name "allthethings._*" -mtime +90 -delete

The latter clean is for files that are used to determine changes in list of builders.

Please let me know if the steps above make sense to you and we can close this bug.
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Log of the venv setup for posterity.
If this is something that should persist, please make sure that it's added to cron by puppet and that it's done so in a way that sends any stdout and stderr to papertrail using logger. Ideally this should probably go on aws-manager, not cruncher (unless there's a pressing need to ahve it there), so it's not a spof.
We don't want to put anymore effort in here than necessary.
I only looked into it since I needed the file to be up-to-date.

Nevertheless, I've removed needing to check the file for pulse_actions (used for automated backfilling and TH-sherrifs actions: add missing jobs; manual backfill; trigger all talos jobs).
makes sense to me armen, thanks
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You're welcome! Thanks Chris.
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Fallout from this can be found in bug 1232080.
It was failling silently.
Component: Tools → General
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