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tab loading spinner does not appear for new tabs when newtab page is lockPref


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Windows 7
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firefox-esr38 --- affected


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Steps to reproduce:

This is a severe issue because I need to lock the new tab page for computers I manage

set up local_prefs.js 
pref("general.config.obscure_value", 0);
pref("general.config.filename", "mozilla.cfg");

add lockPref("browser.newtab.url", "about:blank"); to mozilla.cfg file

start firefox with a clean profile and open more than 10 new tabs

navigate to a web page with a slow response.  I have included an example page.

Actual results:

page loading spinner should appear and tab should say "Connecting"

Expected results:

no response at all from firefox until the server response
Component: Untriaged → Tabbed Browser
OS: Unspecified → Windows 7
Hardware: Unspecified → x86_64
I see you are testing Firefox 38. Are you using Firefox ESR? Can you reproduce this problem in Firefox 41, the current release version?

I'm moving this bug back to the "Untriaged" Bugzilla component. It is more likely to get attention in that component than "Tabbed Browser".
Component: Tabbed Browser → Untriaged
(In reply to Chris Peterson [:cpeterson] from comment #1)
> Can you reproduce this problem in Firefox 41, the current release version?

Bug 1118285 removed browser.newtab.url in Firefox 41, so that's a definite “no”.
co463, if the browser.newtab.url pref no longer exists, then your users won't be able to change it. :) Does that solve your problem?
I am trying to lock the newtab url to an intranet page.  I will try using the addon for the next release, but until the next ESR comes out this is still an issue.
If this issue only affects ESR 38, I'm afraid it is unlikely to be fixed. The Release Management team only accepts critical security fixes for updates to current ESR releases.

The next ESR will be Firefox 45, to be released 2016-03-08.
No longer blocks: 1118285
Depends on: 1118285
I couldn't reproduce on latest nightly version(45.0a1) and latest release(42.0), on Windows 7 x32/64.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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