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Add a MOZ_RUST conditional #define for the mp4parse-rust library


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(firefox44 affected, firefox45 fixed, b2g-v2.5 fixed)

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firefox44 --- affected
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build/autoconf/rust.m4 needs to AC_DEFINE(MOZ_RUST) when --enable-rust succeeds so that existing code calling into Rust code can be built conditionally.
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I think a better thing to do is to add ad-hoc defines for each rust library/feature that's going to be used, possibly triggered by variables, or something similar.
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That makes sense; I'll morph this bug to cover this for our use case.
Summary: #define MOZ_RUST when building with --enable-rust → Add a MOZ_RUST conditional #define for the mp4parse-rust library
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Is this what you had in mind?

Define a new MOZ_RUST_MP4PARSE switch in browser/ Check for this in configure, and if rust is enabled and the toolchain is available (MOZ_RUST) set a cpp define with the same name.

Don't provide a user-facing configure --enable switch per irc discussion with Ted.

FWIW I disagree with this approach for the mp4parse code; we don't intend this to optional code, so gating on the presence of the rust toolchain is sufficient. I'm happy to lead by example if other groups want finer-grained build configuration though.
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@@ +4030,5 @@
>  fi
> +# Propagate feature switches for code written in rust from
> +if test -n "MOZ_RUST" -a -n "MOZ_RUST_MP4PARSE"; then

To make it easier for additional things to enter the picture, it might be better to make it two nested ifs.
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Nest configure conditionals to make it easier to add other rust feature tests. Carrying forward r=glandium. Thanks for the review!
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Backed out in - apparently, curiously enough, that builds on OS X debug, but every other flavor of every platform says things like
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Gah. Thanks for the fix.

I guess android libstdc++ is still pretty old.
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