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(I'm not 100% certain that this is a dependee of bug 1213721, but I'm fairly sure that it didn't happen before)

Any directory link without a trailing slash, from or other sub-directories of firefox on down, returns an error "The specified key does not exist" ( and above add the trailing slash).
I have seen that too and we had to fix that in mozdownload to get it working again. Simply missed to file a bug for it. So good to see that this is tracked now.
This is an S3ism, maybe oremj has a cunning way of avoiding it.
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Summary: Directories without trailing slash return an error → delivery: Directories without trailing slash return an error
Nick is right. If there is no '/' we have no way of detecting whether or not the request is for a directory listing or file at the CDN layer. To implement this, we'd have to proxy all requests through something with knowledge of s3, which we want to avoid for performance, cost, and uptime reasons.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1223539
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screenshot of the error page

Can we at least offer a more helpful error page, saying something like...
  File not found. Note: if you're looking for a directory, make
  sure you've got a trailing "/" at the end of your URL!

Right now the error page is just some XML gunk (see attached screenshot), which to me implies "Infra is broken, wait until it's fixed". It does not imply "check your URL and make sure you have a trailing slash".

(I've been hitting this error over & over for the past few weeks and had been assuming there was some pending FTP->S3 migration that just hadn't happened yet. Only realized that the problem was the missing "/" today.)
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Elaborating a bit -- note that this is an *extremely* easy bug to hit, given:
 (1) These directories lend themselves to being edited by hand.
 (2) This used to Just Work with FTP (so this is stuck in people's muscle memory)

So, in the absence of an actual fix, a more-helpful error message would be great for unblocking people when they (inevitably) hit this and wonder what all the XML gunk is about.
Thanks for the suggestion. I've added a custom 404 page.
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