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Upload telemetry payloads in Java


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We'd like to be able to upload telemetry payloads from an Android service.

This will allow us to create and send payloads entirely outside of Gecko, including while Firefox is in the background or from activities that don't use Gecko (like the search activity).

It will also make it easier to schedule uploads around Android network and power events.

The first step is to replace the existing uploader with one written in Java, and flip whatever build flag we need to flip to stop shipping Gecko's.

The existing MozStumbler and FHR code can be used as an inspiration.
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This is where all pings get submitted to the current Telemetry uploader:

We could just have different behavior there for Android, e.g.
* always directly saving straight to disk or
* messaging the ping data to Java

The bigger open issue is how to adopt the xpcshell tests then.
We could leave the JS uploader on for xpcshell or stub out a simple uploader service mimicking the Java parts?
I would expect the Android uploader to have its own tests, so probably there are some tests we should turn off. Shipping the uploader only for tests isn't easy, and of course wouldn't actually exercise the real code on this platform.

If we really need to trigger uploads from Gecko and wait on a promise for the work to be done -- for tests or otherwise -- then we could make that happen.
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Ally, are you still working on this?
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