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<nsXULWindow.cpp>: silly "XXX bad include, remove it" warning


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I get a silly warning while compiling :
WARNING: XXX bad include, remove it.

It's from Rev1.1 of this file (Jan 21 2000)

The "bad" include is : 
#include "nsIWebShellWindow.h"

Can we remove this ?
Looks like we can't just yet.

danm, do you know what work would need to be done to remove those includes?

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Target Milestone: --- → Future
  Well the warning does make a reasonable complaint and we shouldn't remove it
without fixing the underlying problem.
  There was originally only nsWebShellWindow. An early effort at making Mozilla
embeddable split this into two classes, WebShellWindow and a superclass,
nsXULWindow. Unfortunately the split was never completed. There are parts of XW
that need to know about the subclass. For one thing, the rest of the system
tends to think in terms of WSW, not XW, so communicating with the rest of the
app requires casts to WSW.
  A couple of choices present themselves. We could move the three XW methods
which reference WSW into WSW. Actually that's probably best. I'm not sure why
this wasn't done originally. Maybe it's hard. Shouldn't be.
  On the other hand, in my opinion it makes a lot of sense to me to join the two
classes back together. In the end, Embedding didn't take that route and there's
no reason I know of to keep them separate. It's confusing, the two of them,
identical in purpose and use. (But don't go joining them without getting
verification of that. Maybe someone else knows of a reason to keep them separate.)
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Summary: silly warning in nsXULWindow.cpp → <nsXULWindow.cpp>: silly "XXX bad include, remove it" warning
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Closed: 11 years ago
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