Enable postbuild actions and mozharness driven Firefox UI Tests in Mozmill CI



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In the past months I put a lot of work in the preparation to get our tests run via mozharness. Further those mozharness scripts should also be used to get our tests executed in TaskCluster later this quarter. All this is part of our Q4 goals as tracked in bug 1214372.

When I pushed the postbuild changes, which includes Treeherder reporting even for busted builds, to our CI staging instance I noticed a couple of problems. Mostly all issues on our side have been solved meanwhile but there are some RelEng related issues which I cannot solve. Those are all around the Mozilla Pulse messages for release builds.

I will file individual bugs in the RelEng component and use that one as tracker.
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So we had a meeting with Rail last week and here are the notes:

It looked like that no-one from RelEng will have the time to get it fixed for the current release process. Release promotion has way higher priority. So the dependencies will hopefully get fixed there.

Until then we can use a workaround by scraping a file from archive.mozilla.org which contains the revision id. So this should unblock us for now for all locales. This work is done in bug 1219432, and once deployed we can push the postbuild actions to production.
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We are no longer blocked! Hurray! So pulsetranslator is now able to get the revision if it is not present in a Pulse message for a candidate build. It has been deployed to production, and release management also triggered the next 43.0b2 build. So by tomorrow we will know if all is working as expected. If that is the case we can finally push the postbuild changes to production.
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Tests have been all triggered successfully on staging today for localized builds of Firefox 43.0b2:

So I think that we are good to go now in enabling post-build actions on production. I will deploy soonish.
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I missed the mozharness piece here.
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Beside some smaller issues on production (which we will fix soon) everything works great with mozharness. So this large piece of work can be considered as done.
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