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Improve animation of Home panels when a user taps the URL bar


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Similar to bug 1014848 but this is just about the way the home panels and page header comes in as the keyboard and toolbar do their own thing.

I've noticed some pretty bad "flashing" that occurs when I tap the URL bar when I'm on a website. This doesn't occur of course if I'm already in about:home. But when our users are on any give website, this tends to happen quite a bit.

I've been exploring ways to make this interaction feel better. The end goal is to find ways in which we can help our users notice the Home panels that show up behind the keyboard, and to make fennec feel like a higher quality product. I'd like to make this everyday interaction feel more "intentional".
Leaving this here as a WIP, would love to see this in an actual build if anyone's interested. :)
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I've started playing around with this. The animation is quite janky, and I need to figure out how to deal with that (we'll probably want to tune the parameters later, but they're good enough for testing).

The main issue is we have no insight into and control of the keyboard animation. I seem to get better behaviour if we we delay activating the keyboard until after we start the homepager animation (which is different from the preview) - I'll attach a separate video demoing that.

(Note: the animation changes in the URL bar should probably be ignored, my initial approach touched all animations, which isn't in any way necessary.)

I created the video on an N4, it's possible faster devices will look better. It might be worth doing some profiling to figure out if we're doing large amounts of unnecessary work somewhere.
This is what this would look like if we activate the keyboard later. This seems less janky to me.
Note: I'll still be doing more experimentation, this is just a proof of concept showing that this should be possible.
It turns out the jankiness was caused by confusion around HW/SW layers, with that fixed the animations are quite smooth on the N4. Still some tweaking required, but this is almost usable.
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MozReview Request: WIP: Bug 1221369 - Better HomePager animations

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Can this be bumped up?  
Its quite in your face and can be easily perceived creating a bad impression of slowness especially since its the main screen/interaction area.
set to P1 per input from taipei UX folks.
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