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Implement runAt:server-parent in GCLI


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More information in bug 1142292 comment 10 and 11.

Some of the things we want to do in glci commands (like getting cookies) can only run on the server (on the remote device for instance) *and* in the parent process.

runAt:server makes commands run in the child process.

This is a proposal to implement runAt:server-parent
:jwalker, should we have someone working on this actively?  I believe at least two commands are broken (see blocking bugs) in 46 and later due to the new "unsafe CPOW" blocking, and it seems like this feature would be needed to fix them.
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It looks like this is no longer urgent.  I was able to fix the "unsafe CPOW" bugs without this feature.

It would still be needed for e.g. cookies if we want to use them for remote targets.
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Is this bug ever going to get fixed? It's still not possible to view/edit cookies from/in GCLI (tells me to check this bug)
Product: Firefox → DevTools
Per bug 1491875, this component has been closed, and the affected code is being removed from Firefox. Closing this bug as incomplete.
Closed: Last year
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