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Iframe sandboxing breaks SSL error pages


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<iframe sandbox src="" height="600" width="600" />
Are you just talking about the error page being broken because scripting is disabled by the iframe sandbox? Or something else? Your summary and description are not clear on this.
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Yeah, I meant the error on the page.
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dkeeler/Tim, ideas about what we could do here? I am uncomfortable with trying to special-case these pages because that feels like opening up another vector to attack the sandbox / privilege escalate.

Not entirely convinced this needs to remain sec-sensitive. No compromise of the machine or user data is achieved, nor is there a demonstration that this can somehow be used for spoofing or whatever - it's our error page and the page has even less control over it than usual considering it's broken...
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Summary: Iframe sandboxing doesn't work with wrong host → Iframe sandboxing breaks SSL error pages
We don't allow adding overrides for framed sites anyway, so I'm not sure this is a big deal - more of a UX papercut (additionally, the message about HSTS is misleading and irrelevant). I would open up this bug, but it looks like I don't have permissions to do so.
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Group: firefox-core-security
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We could potentially use <noscript> and hide everything else, and put in a generic error message for both about:certerror and about:neterror? That would minimize confusion and be simpler to implement than trying to get everything to work.
<noscript> seems pretty reasonable at first glance if we don't want to make exceptions for error pages from sandboxing.

> We don't allow adding overrides for framed sites anyway

Doesn't matter much.  Consider a sandbox="allow-popups" iframe doing:

  <a href="" target="_blank">Click me</a>

(or equivalent with if sandbox="allow-popups allow-scripts").  Now you have a toplevel page which has the null principal (because it's not allow-same-origin) and is an SSL error.

But really, seems like we should not apply the docshell's sandboxing flags to error pages.  This doesn't seem like it would be hard to fix....
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