Remove the #ifndef RELEASE_BUILD guards around skipping the default-browser dialog on first-run




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Bug 1191250 is now on beta and the deferring of the dialog is not working because when we landed it we included compiler guards to only build this change on non-release builds.

Are we OK with removing this guard now? Or should we keep it for another release?
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Did anyone have a look at the data from the releases that this has been enabled on yet?
Is there any change vs. previous versions in the following metrics?
- % of users having Fx as their default
- usage hours

Also, I'm blanking on whether we had that enabled only for Windows 10 or for all platforms.

Generally, I would err on the side of removing the guard, because the experience is better, unless the numbers look terrible.
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I've not looked at any data, but I think we do need some indication it's not a regression before removing the prefix, to avoid a repeat of bug 1086958 / drop in user retention.

Also, I think we should probably so something about the UI for this in about:preferences... It's a little weird to have a prominent "Always check if Firefox is your default browser" setting, when for some people it's only active for 3 launches of their browser (we skip asking the first launch, try 3 times, and then skip asking again). Not sure what the best thing to do is -- we could just uncheck the pref, but we also probably want to differentiate between "user explicitly does not want Firefox to prompt again" and "user just didn't bother doing it when we asked".
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