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Add locale-project specific privileges


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It would be nice for Locale managers to set privileges for contributors per single projects. As Pontoon allows to translate everything (websites and products in one place), it can be handy for larger teams or teams with divided responsibilities to be able to make users privileged (translators) only for certain projects and not for the whole language only.

But IMO this is something what even Verbatim does not have, so if worth considering, with small priority.
Actually Verbatim has this functionality.

But it's quite complicated, there's no good overview over all these privileges, which makes them hard to maintain.
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+1, preferably with higher than small priority an including ability to set Save/Suggest privileges per project, as in Verbatim.
Seems like I was wrong when assuming the importance of this bug.
Priority: P5 → P3
I have been thinking about some options how to do this in the UI. May I help with the design, e.g. make some sketches during this weekend or next week?
Michal, that would be great!
Have one hour today and here is what I have - more questions than answers.

What should be the behavior when adding new translator in General (current view) privileges? Maybe I don't want to copy this to all project with own specific privileges? It would be great to be able to do it in one step, but confusing if happens by default.
Be able to have all privileges on one page is must have.
For changes with greater impact, I would suggest confirmation dialog. But it's ugly, nobody reads confirmation dialog and managers should be experienced enough to be careful when changing something important.
Well, this is the problem of privileges management in Verbatim - page for one single project. It is more conservative option to enable per-project managers. The other option is to place the same on the "all projects page" management for them and listing only those project, they're managers for. It might be better to have only one place, where to "break" something than up to N+1 (where N=number of project for the locale).
That's all from me. Now it's time for comments. If anyone interested in the design too, what about some kind of "design studio" technique?
Hi :MikkCZ, there's a bunch of tools dedicated to create wireframes. Personally, I would choose . However, I think that your hand-made wireframes are doing their job just fine.
Should I recreate them? Is it possible to create something like a living document and share it and work on it together?
I like where this is going, especially the first proposal. Also, no need to recreate using any other tool.

To sum up, we should add 3-column selector for each project enabled for a locale. If user only has manager permission for a limited set of projects, we should only display those.

A few suggestions:

1) "Set to all" could turn into "Are you sure?" and require 2nd click instead of openning a dialog, like we do on the Admin page.

2) "Copy from" could be a project selector directly. No need to link to a dialog with that selector.

3) The page will be quite heavy in we shouldn't add other non-Permission stuff to it (which was the initial plan). So let's rename it (tab + URL): Manage -> Permissions.
Blocks: 1295341
Any news about this?
Hey Ton, we're planning to implement this in Q4:
Priority: P3 → P2
Assignee: nobody → jot
Hi everybody :)

During the previous year We introduced a lot of features like e.g. batch-editor.
Which of those mechanisms should be available for that new type of permission?
jotes: permissions should work exactly the same as they do already do.

The only difference is that in addition of being assigned for all projects within the locale, they can now also be set for any particular project enabled for that locale.

For example, if A has Translator permission for Locale L, you can now make him a regular contributor (no additional permission) for project P within locale L.

Does that clear things up? Do you need further clarification or designs before you can start working on it?
Michal, do you think we need Manager permission for each project? Manager is basically a Translator that has access to /locale_code/manage page, where she can manage permissions for the team. I think we should be good we only assigning Translator permission to projects.
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In our team we can perfectly live without managers per project. As you are asking, I guess translator permissions only per project is easier to implement. ;)
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