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Use a <browser> element for the background page


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Right now we render the background page in a windowless docshell, which doesn't have a frameloader. In order to start running extensions out of process, we'll need to use a <browser> element so that we can set the remote attribute. My plan here is to create a windowless chrome docshell and put a content <browser> element inside it that would render the background page.
This is the patch we discussed today on IRC. Right now when you add a content docshell to a chrome docshell that was created with an nsWebBrowser, the content docshell doesn't get a tree owner. This patch creates a new tree owner for it. I tried to go with the simplest possible approach, since no one else is likely to use this code.
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Allow windowless chrome docshells containing content docshells

>+  if (mContentTreeOwner)
>+    return;
Always {} with if

>@@ -786,16 +806,20 @@ nsDocShellTreeOwner::WebBrowser(nsWebBrowser* aWebBrowser)
>     RemoveChromeListeners();
>   }
>   if (aWebBrowser != mWebBrowser) {
>     mPrompter = nullptr;
>     mAuthPrompter = nullptr;
>   }
>   mWebBrowser = aWebBrowser;
>+  if (mContentTreeOwner) {
>+    mContentTreeOwner->WebBrowser(aWebBrowser);

make this

  if (mContentTreeOwner) {
    if (!aWebBrowser) {
      mContentTreeOwner = nullptr;
so that we clear the edge when webbrowser->Destroy() is called.
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Kris, are you okay reviewing this?
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Yeah, I don't see anything I'm not familiar with. I'll look at it tomorrow.
I guess the ext-utils.js thing you already fixed.
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use <browser> element for background page

Review of attachment 8689321 [details] [diff] [review]:

(In reply to Bill McCloskey (:billm) from comment #5)
> I guess the ext-utils.js thing you already fixed.

Yeah. I don't really care which fix we keep, just so long as we don't keep both.
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