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Timeout fire before the “click” event loop is complete


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Steps to reproduce:

Actual results:

alert shows 10

Expected results:

alert shows 0
From the stackoverflow thread:
"Because unlike many browsers, Firefox may allow the JavaScript thread to run other code while the alert, prompt, and confirm modals are showing, suspending the current code. [...]

I would expect [...] that Mozilla will change this to be in line with other browsers, as one could argue it violates JavaScript's run-to-completion semantics for tasks, and those semantics just got beefed up and clarified by the latest specification."
Component: Untriaged → JavaScript Engine
This has nothing to do with the JS engine, which doesn't even have an event loop in Firefox so far.  alert() and confirm() are pure DOM code.
Component: JavaScript Engine → DOM
Depends on: 1173716
Whiteboard: DUPEME
Component: DOM → DOM: Core & HTML
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