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Permission in Page info should say "Send notifications" instead of "Receive notifications"


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Firefox 64
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Please review.
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Needinfo is to ask for information. In this case, you're attaching a patch, so you can set the review flag to Johann.

Having said that: you're changing an existing string, which means you need to use a new ID in the .properties file, and update the code to reference it (potentially look for tests too).
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How can I test this code?

'./mach mochitest'
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(In reply to Manish Kumar [:manishkk] from comment #4)
> How can I test this code?
> './mach mochitest'

Since you're only updating copy I'm not sure you really need to test it. If you'd like to test a bit of UI that is affected by this locally, you can run

./mach mochitest browser/base/content/test/permissions


./mach mochitest browser/base/content/test/pageinfo

You can also do a try run ( Do you have try access? If not, I'm happy to vouch for you.

I'd personally recommend just going to, accepting the notification prompt and checking the updated label in the identity popup.
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Thanks, you already vouch for me.
Were you able to make any progress with this bug?
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After the changes: 

This fails this test:

./mach mochitest browser/base/content/test/permissions
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Hi Manish! Did you update with the new string ID, too?
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Attached patch Patch_Bug1225519Splinter Review
Yes! I updated string ID also.

Please check patch!
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Comment on attachment 9006098 [details] [diff] [review]

LGTM, but I've triggered a Try run just in case. :-) Thanks, Manish!
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Permission in Page info should say Send notifications instead of Receive notifications r=lina
Keywords: checkin-needed
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I have reproduced this bug with Nightly 45.0a1 (2015-11-18) on Windows 10, 64 Bit!
This bug's fix is verified with latest Nightly!

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