[Privacy Review] Defer showing the data choices toolbar to third run



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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1199706 +++

Currently, we are showing a toolbar about data choices on the very first run of Firefox. Not only is that pretty aggressive, it actively interferes with other things that are happening on first run.

Since I don't see a good case as to why it needs to be shown that early on, we should defer it to 3rd run.
Blocks: 1199706
No longer depends on: 1199706
QA Contact: philipp
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Hi Philipp and Gijs,

Just to make sure we're talking about the same issue, can you provide a screenshot for this toolbar?

The original bug indicated 40 Branch, but I wasn't able to see this in aurora or beta today using a new profile -- is the toolbar unique to 40 Branch GA or is it present in more recent versions and channels?
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Thanks, Gijs -- am I correct that this toolbar is only for Nightly?

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(In reply to Elvin Lee [:ellee] from comment #3)
> Thanks, Gijs -- am I correct that this toolbar is only for Nightly?

I don't think so? I believe we show a similar if not the same toolbar on release / all versions of Firefox, AIUI. What makes you think it only shows up on Nightly?

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3 years ago
The infobar should be showing up either 60 seconds into your first session or after 10 seconds on any subsequent session if it hasn't already been shown.
Bug 804745 implemented this, with lots of discussion with Privacy. Tom's no longer at Mozilla, and the original engineers are working on other projects, but CCing bsmedberg as probably the most relevant person to know if there are specific concerns to watch out for here.

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3 years ago
I do have concerns, but please move this bug out of Legal so that it can be public, or file a separate public bug. This needs to be a publicly-documented discussion.
Sure, I will convert this to a Data bug.
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Summary: [Legal/Privacy Review] Defer showing the data choices toolbar to third run → [Privacy Review] Defer showing the data choices toolbar to third run
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So... what are the concerns you're having about moving it to 3rd run?
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One of our primary points is responding to data quickly. In particular in order to assess the experience of new users, we want to send an install ping almost as soon as they launch Firefox. I'd like us to go in the other direction from this and integrate the data choices into the very first welcome/onboarding screen that the user sees (on Windows, maybe even the stub installer?) so that we can send the initial ping ASAP. Some non-zero set of users don't even get to second or third run, and we need to know more about why.
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Talked with verdi and ckprice -- seems this can't be fixed as described, so calling it a WONTFIX. I think there's still interest in somehow making things better, but that's fodder for another bug if someone has a concrete proposal. :)
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