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FirefoxOS 2.5 preview wiped out SD Card data


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Steps to reproduce:

Attempting to access to external SD Card caused a brick. In addition, there is no warning message about attempting to move FirefoxOS app to SD cards for causing the issue. It happened on Samsung Galaxy S5.

Actual results:

The SD Card is completely bricked, all partition are now RAW rather the FAT32. There is currently no way to recover data nor formatting as well. That could be a critical security issue because it completely wiped out data.

Expected results:

A notification message should display a warning about moving FirefoxOS to a SD Card. Additional, FirefoxOS should have no problem accessing the SD card without bricking it.
Are you talking about the Android Developer preview version? We don't do anything special when the user chooses to move the app to the sdcard, it's managed by the host OS.
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Fabrice, this was from B2GDroid, yes.
Product: Firefox OS → B2GDroid
It's unlikely that Firefox OS Developer preview could have caused this issue.  Usually this is caused by an issue with the card.  You should be able to recover the data on the card using a recovery program.

You could also try verifying the card with something like `badblocks` and let us know what the output of that is.
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Unfortunately the SD card has nearly all badblocks
$ sudo badblocks -nvs /dev/sdd
Pass completed, 31255007 bad blocks found. (31251138/0/3869 errors)

It is a three months Samsung EVO 32GB. By trying accessing the SD Card from Firefox OS Developer I noticed I can no longer access the data nor manage to recover them. That is why I suspected Firefox OS Developer causing the damage.
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Ok, thanks for checking - it looks pretty bad, I'd talk to the supplier/vendor.  Sorry about your card :/, hope you can resolve it.
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