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Remove whitelisting of CompositorChild leaks for XPCOM and LSan leak checkers


(Testing :: Mochitest, defect)

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(firefox48 fixed, firefox49 fixed)

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firefox48 --- fixed
firefox49 --- fixed


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Once bug 1215265 is fixed, we should be able to remove a number of whitelisted leaks from the XPCOM and LSan leak checkers.
Depends on: 1262898
I'm not sure how to do this but we should be able to do it now!
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(In reply to Bas Schouten (:bas.schouten) from comment #1)
> I'm not sure how to do this but we should be able to do it now!

Great! I'll see what the Windows leak situation looks like. Thanks to everybody who worked on this. I know it was a big pain to fix.
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It seems like these were fixed by making graphics IPC shut down properly.

try run:
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Blocks: LSan
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part 1 - Remove IPC-related LSan suppressions.

Review of attachment 8745082 [details] [diff] [review]:

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This patch removes all object-based leak suppressions, but leaves the infrastructure in place.

The next patch removes the infrastructure. I don't want to leave it in place, both because it is weird to leave around and to discourage people from using it. But I am landing it in a separate patch to make it easier to add back if needed in the future.

Linux and Windows try run:
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This is just constant folding expectedLeaks.
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part 2 - Remove leak suppressions for content processes.

Review of attachment 8745382 [details] [diff] [review]:

This is great! r=me
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part 3 - Remove object-count leak suppression infrastructure.

Review of attachment 8745383 [details] [diff] [review]:

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I'm just going to land this and hope that Ash is okay.
Ryan, does this look okay on Ash? Also, I know you aren't normally doing uplifts, but would you mind uplifting this to Aurora? It is test-only so I don't think it needs an uplift request. Thanks.
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Ryan said this looks fine on Ash. Wes, maybe you could uplift this to Aurora? Thanks.
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