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Enable rust for MacOS X nightly builds


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Turns out bug 1183850 only enabled rust for mac debug builds, so the rust code isn't getting active testing in the Nightly population. We should turn it on there too.
Initial patch.

The mac opt builds use the macosx-universal mozconfigs, building both 32 and 64 bit versions. This patch fails in the 32 bit configure when the rust link check fails to find 32 bit symbols. So we either need to pass --target=i686-apple-darwin to rustc in this case, or make the mozconfig.rust inclusion conditional to exclude 32-bit.

Either is fine in the short term, the building for both archs is the correct long-term fix.
I say we go the 64-bit only route, as we'd like to make 32-bit OS X builds go away in the not-too-distant future.
Ok, great. Do you know what I can check for the target in the mozconfig?
Try setting the cross triple for the universal build in based on MOZ_CURRENT_TARGET. We don't get to find out if this works because we still fail on configure's link test which happens before this.
Next idea: check for HAVE_64BIT_BUILD in configure and append the 32-bit triple to RUSTC if it's not set and we're building on Mac.
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Set cross triple in configure based on HAVE_64BIT_BUILD. This method works.
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Part 3 - Enable rust for MacOS X nightly builds

>Subject: Bug 1228703 - Enable rust for MacOS X nightly builds. r?mhal

mhal -> mshal :)

Everything looks good to me.
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> mhal -> mshal :)

Oops, sorry! Thanks for the meeting-time review. :)
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