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<input type="number"> has a non-block-level flex item (the text control frame)


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 1. Apply attachment 8692015 [details] [diff] [review] on top of current inbound tip:

 2. Compile a debug build.

 3. Load this URL in that debug build:
       data:text/html,<input type="number">

ACTUAL RESULTS: You'll trip one of the assertions in that patch.

EXPECTED RESULTS: No such assertion failures -- we should be able to assume that flex items are block-level.

As I noted in bug 1176793 comment 20, we suppress flex-item-blockification inside of form controls, so that we don't accidentally blockify styles for the mandatory XUL junk that lives inside of e.g. <audio> just because someone happens to style it as "display:flex".  This suppression was added in bug 812822 and bug 844529, I believe.

So, <input type="number"> doesn't benefit from this auto-blockification. So, it should make sure its frames are block-level by hardcoding them as such, for any children that risk being anything other than block-level.

In this case, it's just its nsTextControlFrame (:-moz-number-text) which is incorrectly inline-level.  We can fix the assertion by giving that frame "display:block".
Attached patch fix v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Attached patch fix v2Splinter Review
(Just tweaked patch with s/should/must/, RE flex items being blocks.)

Mats, I'm hoping this means your assertions in bug 1176793 can stay in.  Tagging you to review.
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fix v2

OK, I'll leave the assertions in if the tests pass with this fix.
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Looks like the tests do indeed pass with this fix -- hooray!  Successful try run (linux debug only):
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