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p and h1..h6 align should not "align descendants"


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So Gecko and IE11 both do align descendants, but Chrome 45 does not (but it does do text-align).  I don't think that makes it obvious which way the spec should go.
Probably ok to switch the behavior here, though, given that it's possible (although unlikely) that some mobile-oriented content might depend on the other behavior.
This actually also applies to the p element.
Summary: h1..h6 align should not "align descendants" → p and h1..h6 align should not "align descendants"
... or not, because even though the spec doesn't say to align descendants for p, Chrome does so.
This bug was also presumably spun off of bug 196292 comment 27,which would have been nice to say when filing so that I wouldn't have to spend time searching for it.
Filed ; we shouldn't do anything here until that resolves.
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