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Profiler should not cancel gathering asynchronous profiles when stopped


(Core :: Gecko Profiler, defect)

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(Reporter: mconley, Unassigned)



STR (once bug 1193838 is RESOLVED):

1) With e10s enabled and the Gecko Profiler add-on installed, start profiling
2) In a remote tab, open the Web Console, and type:

while(true) {}

and press enter, to hang the content process.

3) Open the Browser Console, and type in:

Services.profiler.getProfileDataAsync().then((stuff) => {alert("Success! Got stuff!");}, (error) => {alert("Failure! Got error: " + error);});

and press enter

4) Stop the Profiler


After a while, a doorhanger should show up allowing you to stop the while-loop, which will unblock the content process and allow it to gather a profile, which will eventually resolve the promise with success.


The promise is rejected immediately.

Idea from copied here:

1. Combine GeckoSampler and ProfileGatherer
2. Have GeckoSampler+ProfileGatherer be refcounted
3. Continue to offer the ProfileGatherer interface to PluginModuleParent and ContentParent, which will inc the refcount on GeckoSampler+ProfileGatherer.
4. On stopping the profiler, instead of directly deleting the GeckoSampler, have platform.cpp just drop the reference to it.
5. If an async profile gathering is still in progress, have PluginModuleParent and ContentParent ignore any profile start/stop/gather observer notifications from the profiler.
6. Once an async profile gathering is complete, have the PluginModuleParent and ContentParent check whether or not we're still profiling. If not, stop and drop the old reference to the gatherer. If still profiling, get a reference to the current GeckoSampler+ProfileGatherer and overwrite mGatherer with it (this might be the same reference, but if we've stopped and restarted the sampler while waiting for the profile to be gathered, it won't).

The consequence of this is that subprocesses that are still in the midst of sending up their profiles to the parent will not hear or obey stop/start/gather commands until the profile has finished gathering.
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