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What percentage of release channel users have add-ons installed


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We're interested in a few stats for e10s rollout:

1) what percentage of users have no addons at all
2) what percentage have e10s whitelisted addons [1]
3) everyone else

We do have Unified Telemetry rolled out in Firefox 42 (and data from a 5% in Firefox 43), so we could probably answer it easier from there.

I'm not sure who actually monitors this component now - did this have communication separately by email or is comment 0 the latest status here?
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This bug is the current foray into retrieving this stat, should I email someone or move this bug to a different component?
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I don't know what component we want to track these requests in now - Katie?
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This year a lot of work went into enabling engineers to run analysis themselves, self-serve. See e.g.:
... that way teams shouldn't be blocked on open requests for data.

The questions here should be relatively easy to answer from the Firefox 42 release data.
Is someone on the e10s team already familiar with this? Can we help in any way to get you started?
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tracking-e10s: --- → ?
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I think Jim meant to kick this back to triage.
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Beware of bug 1233438 for any important addon analysis here, mentioned in the Telemetry erratas:
Rebecca, can you provide an answer?
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:blassey: bcolloran just finished a cross-sectional analysis of users and estimated that approximately 40% do not have any addons installed at all.

He said this is for all channels, but that release channel is not that different from the full population.
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(In reply to Jim Mathies [:jimm] from comment #0)
> We're interested in a few stats for e10s rollout:
> 1) what percentage of users have no addons at all
> 2) what percentage have e10s whitelisted addons [1]
> 3) everyone else
> [1]

Stats (2) and (3) have prototype measures collected by dzeber here (

:dzeber: How old is this data?

Two issues with this table:

1) These values were computed with v2, not v4 data.  We need to discuss with the measurements team (kparlante) about automatically creating this rollup table with v4.  There is a bug started on this:

2) If you want subgroups (e.g. the same table, but only for those addons that are e10s-whitelisted), we will have to modify this data to count those whitelisted addons separately.  I suspect that is not too hard, but it still requires a modification to this table.
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I use 24 add ons plus some Stylish scripts. I like it that I am able to make Firefox the way I want it to look. The default theme is ugly. Remove the ability to use extensions and I will begin using Edge.
Sorry for the delayed reply.

(In reply to Rebecca Weiss from comment #9)
> :dzeber: How old is this data?

It was last updated in September 2015.
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Sounds like roughly 60% of our users have addons installed
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For the sake of future records, I am going to move this bug to another component.
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