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Tracking bug for build and release of SeaMonkey 2.40 Beta 1


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SeaMonkey 2.40 Branch


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This is a tracking bug for Build and Release of SeaMonkey 2.40 Beta 1

We expect an actual release on TBA.
Depends on: 1230395
Will be doing the spinning soon once I get the csets.

But as a heads up, we expect this release to be 'fun' (not in a good way), as there
has been some changes to how releases are uploaded and downloaded to staging. (bug 1223633,
which hasn't been fixed and while I could test it against the nightlies/regular builds
etc... the release builds will require the T&E methodology.)

So this will most definitely delay the release of 2.40.
Depends on: 1223633
Will GTK3 be disabled in this beta per bug 1213152 comment #10 attachment 8691236 [details] [diff] [review]? I don't know what the time line is for eventually enabling it in a release build, but it may break running SeaMonkey on older distributions which neither come with GTK3 nor provide own SM builds.
Although "Related To2 might be more appropriate for an Enhancement Request, I add "Bug 1230722 - Include "AMO Browsing for SeaMonkey"-add-on into SeaMonkey release bundle " as "Blocker" here for now.
Depends on: 1230722
Due to timing related issues, we are skipping 2.40b1, and will be spinning
2.40.  The next beta will be 2.41b1 (fingers crossed. :) )
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
No longer depends on: 1230722
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