Open Bug 1230804 Opened 4 years ago Updated 4 years ago

SeaMonkey add-on discovery pane: Version limitation needs to be removed


(SeaMonkey :: General, defect)

SeaMonkey 2.40 Branch
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(Reporter: RainerBielefeldNG, Unassigned)


(Depends on 2 open bugs)


Currently The Add-Ons Propaganda Pane area will not show add-ons what do not have the actual SeaMonkey version in it's compatibility range. But most of them are compatible, might only need that simple adaption of compatibility range by "AMO Browsing for SeaMonkey"-add-on.
So after a fix for "Bug 1230722 - Include "AMO Browsing for SeaMonkey"-add-on into SeaMonkey release bundle" this limitation should be removed.
This one can not be fixed before we have a fix for "Bug 1230806 - Extend "AMO Browsing for SeaMonkey" for add-on home pages reached from propaganda pane"
Depends on: 1230806
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