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Gather and store details of blocked loads for the current page


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We may have to update the Tracking Protection back-end in order to get a list of blocked loads. Here is a possible approach that Francois suggested:

> With the blockedTrackingNodes property I can access the list of DOM nodes
> that triggered blocking, however I suppose that to know the actual
> blocked URLs I still have to guess which of the attributes to consider
> based on node type (and there may be more than one). Is there a way to
> get just the list of blocked URLs?

We could change the code that builds the list of blocked nodes:

to make this easier and pass along the request URI, but then we're still
going to miss trackers loaded via XHR or Fetch since these aren't elements.

> Also, do you know which event I should listen to in order to detect when
> this list changes?

It doesn't look like we fire anything specific to trackers, but maybe
you could add an event here:

Otherwise, they're just failed loads (similar to network errors) and we
update the security UI (i.e. shield) here:

so that could potentially be another place to hook into.
Priority: -- → P4
Severity: normal → S3
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