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Ship (or use Desktop Fx) Android ADB with mozregression


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It would be nice to have adb available so that Android users can bisect without installing the Android SDK.

Would it be safe/easy to use Firefox desktop WebIDE install of adb? If not shipping the adb binary for Windows, OS X and/or Linux would be helpful.
Because I would like to find a regression range for bug 1391430, I tried to get mozregression-gui working to run a bisection of fennec. After I installed Android Studio ( and set the correct path (I followed the steps at, I didn't succeed. Restarting mozregression-gui and Windows didn't help.

I'm just a tester, not a developer and not very technically minded. I'm happy with the availability and ease of use of the gui version of mozregression. I would be very happy when could use mozregression-gui to test Firefox for Android even out of the box.

I would appreciate any help to get testing fennec with mozregression-gui working, also without this bug fixed. I spent quite some time to get it working already and not succeeding is pretty frustrating and somewhat demotivating.
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(In reply to Arjen de Jager from comment #1)
> I would appreciate any help to get testing fennec with mozregression-gui
> working, also without this bug fixed.

mozregression-gui Log view output:

2017-08-18T13:47:23: DEBUG : ADBHost: {'_logger': <mozlog.structuredlog.StructuredLogger object at 0x03DFBE70>, '_adb_version': '', '_adb_host': None, '_adb_port': None, '_timeout': 300, '_polling_interval': 0.1, '_adb_path': 'adb', '_verbose': False}

In case of any help.
We should probably bundle a windows executable of adb with mozregression-gui.

Arjen: your path likely isn't set up correctly. I'm actually not an expert on how Windows determines the path from applications, so I'm not sure if I can give detailed help here unfortunately. :( I will try to fix ^^ sometime in the near future.
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Not working on this right now, probably still a good idea. Another alternative might be to use a pure-python adb alternative like adb shell: -- but I couldn't get it working immediately in my testing

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