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Support js shells in mozregression


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During a f2f meetup in Orlando, it was agreed that we should also support js shells that are already compiled and uploaded to FTP/TaskCluster.

This way, we can rip out the code in autoBisect that downloads builds and migrate -T mode to pass in arguments for mozregression directly.

Sample TaskCluster js shell link:
See Also: → 1232037
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This patch enable mozregression to operate on js shells. We are basically reusing what we do for firefox, except that that the file name to download is different and obviously running jsshell is also different.

I tested it on linux and windows. seems good to me for both interactive and non interactive runs.

For example,

>> mozregression -g 2015-12-01 -b 2015-12-03 --app jsshell --command `pwd`/

with this in file:

>> #!/bin/bash
>> echo "[JS SHELL testing]"
>> quit(Math.random() > 0.5 ? 1 : 0);
>> EOF
>> exit $?
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support js shells

Code looks good! It would be nice to get some feedback from :gkw or someone similar on whether this implementation meets their needs (I suspect it does, but you never know).
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Hi Gary!

Do you think that this implementation will do the job for you ? OFC we still need to implement other features such as the machine-readable output, I only ask for the jsshell expectation. See comment 1 for an automatic bisection usage.
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Looks good to me for now, I'll be sure to file more follow-up bugs for issues / features later as we test it out. Thank you so much for implementing this!
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Great, agreed. :)

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