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We need a coding introduction for Mozilla


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I have written an introduction that might help developers to get started with
developing Mozilla.

I'm looking for reviewers, and eventually we might want to publish it on
This bug could also be used to track modifications / requests to the document.

The document currently lives at:
accepting QA for mozilla developer docs.

some of these bugs have been around for a _long_ time. Reporters, would you
please review the bugs, see if the issues have been resolved, and close bugs

I will do a full review of all bugs not touched in one week (8th April). 


QA Contact: endico → imajes
The introduction now exists, I suggest we keep this bug open for tracking chang
"A broken tree sucks."
gotta love it...
The intro document mentions that more and more interfaces will be frozen as Mozilla "approaches the magical version number One-Dot-Zero". 

Well, we're there. Is there a document which summarizes the frozen interfaces? Seems like it could be useful, with a link embedded in the intro document.
This is an excellent document, but it could use some more links. Here's an example:

"If you are developing only on one combination of operating system and compiler,
and you are not paying attention to the portability rules (read the documents on"

IMO, such references should be linked, (in this case )


There are several &apos; when I view
Confirming the above in IE (version 6.0.2800.1106 at least). Dunno if you
want to fix it or not, but maybe you could just write "It&apos;s" as "It's"
-- most of the rest of seems to be doing that.
There is a small mistake.  This should be "a", not "an".

“Instead you define an descriptive identifier for your text, which is used in
your C++ or JavaScript file.”
Small "bug" in Strings in C++ section. It says: "Sometimes you just need to
fixed size string", it should say: "Sometimes you just need a fixed size
string", with a n "a" instead of a "to".

Regard, Manuel.
Typo: "It is based of the Linux project's glimpse engine with internal
modifications."  ("of" should be "on").  
Cheers, Ka'ala Yezbick
We should just migrate that to MDC and close this bug.
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I made several minor grammar/punctuation/spelling and readability changes that I think might help this great introductory document. I considered explaining the CORBA acronym but did not. Please check the XUL readability changes to be sure I didn't misrepresent the original "action controls react to" phrasing.
Bryan: This patch is unlikely to get applied, unless you drag it through the review and check-in process. If you have time, I suggest migrating the original document to instead and making your change in the wiki version afterwards. Thanks
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