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[UX] Emoji picker for all platforms


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Emoji are already huge on the mobile web and they are showing up more and more on desktop and hybrid devices already. Some platforms have emoji input methods (Windows 10, OS X), but they are often hidden and they definitely don't benefit a majority of our users (most of whom are still on Windows 7).

We should create an emoji picker that makes it easy to input emoji into any text field in Firefox.
Assigning to Max to figure out the design/concept.
Assignee: nobody → mpopp
We currently plan to implement this feature with an add-on we recommend to users as part of our Add-on Discovery efforts.
As it is a popular feature, and we have good add-ons for it on AMO it is a great candidate to help people learn about add-ons.

I realized that Chrome has an item in context menu for editor to show native emoji picker. However, the implementation is really hacky. I don't know whether Windows has an API to show it, though. Chrome synthesizes native key events of Win + .!

The bug assignee didn't login in Bugzilla in the last 7 months, so the assignee is being reset.

Assignee: mpopp → nobody

It would be great to at least allow accessing the GTK-native emoji picker on this platform somehow (usually available by pressing Ctrl + .) until a platform-independent picker is ready.

The GTK picker currently shows neither in Firefox, nor in Thunderbird when the aforementioned key combination is pressed.

Severity: normal → S3
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