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tracking flags don't show up in the view of the bug right after filing


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I just filed bug 1233873, and then realized that I wanted to nominate it for tracking46.  I was looking at the view of the bug that showed up right after I submitted it, and I couldn't find where to do this.

Then when I reloaded the bug by clicking on the bug number link, the UI (the "Firefox Tracking Flags" section) showed up.

The tracking flags should show up in all views of the bug rather than being mysteriously missing (and confusing me as to where they are in the new UI) in some views of the UI.

I'm using the new UI (i.e., "Use experimental user interface": "On" in ).
Bug confirmed. It looks like the modal template does not recognize the firefox-ness of newly filed bugs.
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That new experimental UI is weird. I can see the tracking flags but not change them (e.g., there's no way I could set "seamonkey-2.42: affected" on bug 1233744); also, the INCOMPLETE and WORKSFORME resolutions seem to have disappeared. (I have editbugs and I tried while logged-in.) The latter is of course a different bug.
oops, 2.43: affected
ah, sorry: to change anything in the bug header I have to first click "Edit" near top right. Score 1 against discoverability.
Update: I think that $vars->{tracking_flags} is getting overriden by later calls to the template_before_process extension hook.
Thus it ends up being empty on any edit view coming from process_bug.cgi.

Should have a fix on this today.
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It's a bit hard to tell if this is working, as tracking flags are a bit wonky on my local system. But I think this is right.
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