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3 years ago
Let's get rid of it now that it's unused

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3 years ago
It was now unused by default.
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3 years ago
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3 years ago
This is a reversal of commit b28d496da7bf48432cb3aac3d10e7a66a267421c
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3 years ago
Assignee: nobody → jyavenard
Summary: Remove gstreamer suppoert → Remove gstreamer support
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Comment 8

3 years ago
Isn't this required for support of various HD codecs on linux, which are needed, for example for 4k video on youtube? I've been using my own firefox build with gstreamer and the x264 and VPX codec since about FF 37 if I remember correctly, because the built-in codec wasn't working ...


Comment 9

3 years ago
Gstreamer has never been compatible with MSE; only plain mp4.
YouTube has removed support for HD content without MSE in Firefox 41 unless you had MSE or Flash (and flash support was removed in 43).

So no, gstreamer wasn't required to support various HD codec with youtube, it has never supported HD streaming in youtube.

Comment 10

2 years ago
I wish this didn't happen, we've discovered this now and now this commit makes completely impossible for us to have any kind of usable video playback on embedded devices based on Freescale i.MX6. I would like to underline how gstreamer is important for embedded systems that are not android based, on those systems gstreamer is a de facto standard. So, please, revert this, and allow people to choose to use it when they need it.

Comment 11

2 years ago
You should enable the OMX decoder instead...

Comment 12

2 years ago
OMX is not an option on i.MX6 + Linux (not android). So the only available option is gstreamer-imx. Just to be clear: I'm not a big gstreamer fan, but I'm fine with it just because it works on that hardware.

Comment 13

2 years ago
OpenMax use isn't limited to Android.

Gstreamer won't come back, it's incompatible with html5.

Comment 14

2 years ago
OpenMax is not usable on Linux on i.MX6. And I think the same applies for other vendors such as TexasInstruments.
Gstreamer covers most of the use cases where <video> tag is involved so that's better than *nothing*.

If it may help this discussion I can spend some time to find official freescale documentation about OpenMAX support on not android i.MX systems.

Comment 15

2 years ago
by the way I would like to underline that i.MX6 is a big player on the embedded linux scene, and it is here to stay for a long time, it doesn't look like a good move to remove support to it.

Comment 16

2 years ago
then get them to provide an OpenMax SDK.

Comment 17

2 years ago
They are not going to support OpenMX, and they will keep providing users a patched chromium that has been updated just few times. I would like to underline how this is a poor technical choice: gstreamer would be the easy and good way to support video acceleration and despite your statements MSE if fully feasible with some additional work.
If you take a look to this: you will see that MSE can be implemented using gstreamer.
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