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consider moving service worker controller from notification callbacks to nsILoadInfo


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Currently the nsINetworkInterceptController is part of the channel notification callbacks.  This can be problematic since the callbacks are periodically cleared by various channel consumers.

Instead, we might want to put the controller on the nsILoadInfo so that its consistently available.

I'm attaching this to our refactor bug for now since it might make sense to do at the same time.
I recently tried making a change similar to this and discovered its incompatible with our e10s necko code.  We require that the controller is changed during redirect since the controller is the HttpChannelParent.

So fixing this probably needs to happen after the e10s refactoring.
That just changed in bug 1219469; the controller is now the HttpChannelParentListener.
Oh, nice!
No longer depends on: ServiceWorkers-e10s
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Priority: -- → P5
I don't think this is relevant in our current plan.
No longer blocks: ServiceWorkers-e10s
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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