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look into switching Balrog to Docker


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Balrog is currently using Vagrant to manage dev environments, which is a bit old and crufty. Switching to Docker would modernize us, and also be a big step towards the potential transition to being CloudOps hosted.
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> I started looking into this a few days ago:

This is looking pretty darn good now. I've got a set of Docker images that are functionally equivalent to the Vagrant image, and reworked the config and wsgi files to support that. The patch also rips out the vendor library in favour of putting everything in I'm going to sit on it for a few days and look at it with fresh eyes before seeking review.
PR has all the details.
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Merge pull request #38 from bhearsum/docker

bug 1234546: Switch Balrog to Docker + uWSGI and a bit of cleanup. r=rail
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add support for Docker images

I merged this morning. All looks well, including my tests on aus4-dev. I've updated the docs at to reflect the changes.
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Been actively using Docker for local dev for weeks now - this is done. Any subsequent work will be taken care of in new bugs.
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