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Add reftests for "display:-webkit-box" & related properties


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Filing this bug to add some reftests for "display: -webkit-box" and associated properties from bug 1208344 & bug 1208635.
This patch adds 2 testcases & their reference cases, testing all the various values of -webkit-box-pack & -webkit-box-align. The references are the same, but with the modern-flexbox equivalents (which we map to under the hood).

These testcases have "-webkit-box-orient" unset, so they're implicitly horizontal.

Subsequent patches here will add additional versions of these tests (using "hg cp") with -webkit-box-orient set to horizontal or vertical.

NOTE: The piece of the reftest about "-webkit-box-pack: justify" is currently "display:none" with an XXX comment, since it doesn't pass yet -- that'll be coming in bug 1231682.  (I chose to use "display:none" instead of "fails ==" in the interests of making this test comprehensive [testing all the values] & also making it actively test the values that are implemented [not marking it "fails"].)
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part 1: add implicitly horizontal testcases, to exercise all -webkit-box-align & -webkit-box-pack values

Review of attachment 8701620 [details] [diff] [review]:

The difference in rendering for the difference box-align values in webkit-box-align-horiz-1a.html is really slight -- 0.5 or 1.5 pixels.  Can we make the two font sizes vastly different so that it's more obvious what's going on?
Good point -- the differences are clearer with "font-size: 50%" (instead of the "80%" that the test uses for the second flex item right now).

I'll repost part 1, with that changed in both tests.
Here's part 1 with 50% instead of 80% font-size in the second flex item.

Parts 2 and 3 still apply cleanly (and will pick up this change by the magic of 'hg cp')
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(Note also that part 3's vertical tests won't pass in current Nightly -- they need the fix for bug 1208344 (which is marked as a dependency).)
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part 2: add explicitly-horizontal testcase variants (with "hg cp")

Review of attachment 8701622 [details] [diff] [review]:

(Thanks for the use of hg cp; makes it easier to review!)
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Don't forget to add webkit-box/reftest.list to layout/reftests/reftest.list.
Ah, good catch -- thanks! I'd been testing the reftests locally via targeted runs (passing the exact directory name to ./mach reftest).

Fixed that locally.
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