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[TV][2.5] Hide price text in preview area


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When install apps with option key in marketplace, those apps cannot be found in the result of navigator.mozApps.getInstalled.

Install apps in preview window works as expected.
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Because navigator.mozApps.getInstalled() return apps according install origin and trigger "add app to apps" from option key in marketplace that will try to install app from system so invoking navigator.mozApps.getInstalled() from marketplace app will not return that installed app.

we can workaround it by installing app while pressing option key as in preview window does.

Luke, do you have a better idea?
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As our offline discussion, I don't think installing apps every time is a good solution since there may be  performance issues. Another question is: do we really need to show the "installed" status of Apps (since we can't get the same status from Websites)?

For launching behavior, I would suggest that marketplace can install it itself in the handler of "contextmenu" event and system app needs to pause the preview mechanism when a install request follows a specific "contextmenu". However, I don't think it's a better solution though.
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Agree. I'm going to take over it and patch will be submitted soon.
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Let's try to fix bug 1218289 and avoid hack from Gaia. Joseph, please use this bug do your part modification like comment 2 suggested. Thanks.
Assignee: rchien → jyeh
Summary: [TV][2.5] navigator.mozApps.getInstalled cannot get the apps installed by option key in marketplace → [TV][2.5] Hide price text in preview area
According to comment 2, we cannot get the install status of websites. Therefore, we decide to hide the price text for now as we are closed to the project deadline.
Hi Davor, this patch will hide the price text in the preview area. You can see more discussion on this bug.

Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks!
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Landed in marketplace-tv-front-end master.
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