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Change color of note regarding changed votes


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When changing your votes a hint is displayed saying 'The changes to your votes have been saved.'.

This message is shown in red. As red normally signals error messages, the color of that message should be changed, e.g. into green.

The related HTML code is currently enclosed in a <font color="red"></font> instead of using CSS. So that may be the right time to move the styling into CSS.

Hi, I am going to get started on this. Where can I access the Sandstone/Mozilla Skin CSS?

Work obviously happens here:

Instructions on how to get started are here:

Having said that, I didn't code for BMO myself yet. So, if you need further help, you should probably ask on IRC:

Thank you.
Hi Sebastian,

Is this bug available to be assigned? If yes, I'd like to work on it.
It is available, though note that I am just the reporter of the bug. I can assign it to you if you want to, though I am not able to help you if you have questions.

Let me create a local environment first, it should be a piece of cake after that. I'll let you know when I have the local environment, then you can assign it to me.
I've been swamped lately. I've isolated the problem 

The html should be in 


The solution:

[% IF votes_recorded %]
  <p class="votes_change_saved">
          The changes to your votes have been saved.
[% ELSE %]
[% END %]

The css used should be in 


The Solution:

p.votes_change_saved {
  color: green;
Wow, thanks for that zmiller. Although, I'm facing an issue with perlmagick while setting up the environment. Can you help? here's the log of `cpanm`
Hi, Sebastian. I've been successful in setting up the local environment. You can officially assign this to me, if this hasn't been assigned to someone else that is. Apologies for the delay, last two months of college are being brutal on me. Anyhow, I dumbly submitted a PR on the Github link provided by you, only to later realize it's a read-only mirror. I'm going to close it now and apologize over there. I've never submitted a patch on bugzilla before, can you help me out with that?
Great! Don't worry that it took a bit. I've assigned the bug to you now.

All you need to know about submitting patches to Bugilla is described here:

If you have questions, you should try to get in contact with the Bugzilla people (note that I'm not one of them, I'm just the guy that wants this red color changed ;-) ):

Assignee: nobody → nikhil.handa19
Thanks for the support, Sebastian. I'm afraid running `` is giving me some error. I'll be looking for help on IRC and trying to fix this. Sadly, I'm a bit occupied with College until the weekend. I'll be back with full force on the weekend.
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Patch for Bug 1235514

Review of attachment 8745501 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks good. Thanks! r=dkl
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I can confirm that it's green now. Thanks for the patch, Nikhil!

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