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we need a Beta licence, and also an RTM license, when we ship.

Chris, who can we get the license file from?
Target Milestone: M12
Can we get a beta license by M12?
Assignee: chofmann → michaell
michael, I'm reassigning this bug to you.

We probably need 2 seperate license files, one for mozilla & one for commercial.
Also, need to find out if we need to install the license file itself.
Blocks: 14740
Summary: need an License file for Install → [BETA]Need an License file for Install
Putting on [BETA] radar.
Michael, will we be having license for M12?
No.  It is not needed for M12, only for beta.  Cathleen's comment is fr lom back
when M12 looked like it was going to be beta.
Target Milestone: M12 → M14
-> m14
Keywords: beta1
Whiteboard: [PDT+]
Summary: [BETA]Need an License file for Install → Need an License file for Install
I've submitted draft changes on the license to legal for review.  I should be
hearing back from them by the end of the day tomorrow.

Adding this info to the status whiteboard.
Whiteboard: [PDT+] → [PDT+] could be as early as 2/22
Posted file License
OK.  I've got the license.  I'm reassigning to Steve Rudman so he can check it 
in.  The next steps will then be to get it incorporated into the installers and 
into the about:license page.  Cyeh and leaf, do you have any idea who should be 
doing that work?

cc'ing leaf and sgehani

changing summary to "check in license file for install"

clearing date for fix, as my portion is done.
Assignee: michaell → rudman
Summary: Need an License file for Install → Check in License file for Install
Whiteboard: [PDT+] could be as early as 2/22 → [PDT+]
cyeh or leaf:

The attachment is HTML. I assume it should be a .txt file, no?

Does it matter where I check it in? I'm not sure how it gets into the build---I 
don't see an independent text file for the license in 4.72. I could check it 
into /ns/tpubs, if you can pull it from there. Else, let me know where to place 

Accepting bug for now, but maybe I should lob this over to Release.
I'm in the process of styling the text and will check it in for the Mac 
Sean has given me to understand that you will be proof reading the License file 
before checking it in.  In lieu of this, I will hold back on checking in the 
styled copy for the Mac.  When you have proof read it I would appreciate it if 
you could attach the final copy to this bug and give me the green signal to 
style it and check it in for the Mac.  Thanks.
Samir, The attached copy looks fine (you can check that version in). So, I 
gather you and Sean handle the license, not Release. 

Sean, do you want me to check in the attached file for the Windows build?
Mac license checked in.
Added fix date to status whiteboard. I'll either check it in or pass it to ssu.
Whiteboard: [PDT+] → [PDT+] 2/28
Unix has no installer UI, right?  How does Unix
get license coverage then?
Blocks: 10980
How did the license ever get packed in with Unix? I assume that there was a link 
in the About page to the license in 4.x. Not sure how else license was ever 
viewed in Unix---but for Seamonkey, as in 4.x, apparently not an installer 
The license is also available at the about:license URL in addition to being 
available in the installer.
Changing summary---Was "check in license file for install." Reassiging to Sean 
Su. It's more than a checkin issue---the license needs to be the build. The 
license to use is an attachment to this bug.
Assignee: rudman → ssu
Summary: Check in License file for Install → Put license in build
fyi, Mac is already packaging a license file pulled from mozilla/xpinstall/
Any changes or new rev. of the license must be checked-in to this file to be 
reflected in the Mac buid.
4.x has the license in the about page.  run it to see this :-)
about:license is great, but doesn't force the user to read
the license.  I thought that's why when you start up unix 4.x,
you see the about: page AND THE LICENSE, EVERY TIME YOU START UP.
Currently, most unix users would have seen no license text
unless they went looking for it.

If we add this to about: page, it would be an XP change.
okay, license file has been checked into ns/xpinstall/packager/windows.  Please 
feel free up checkin license file updates there.  The build system has been 
updated to pick it up now.
Closed: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
builds 2000030208/9 for Win and Mac installers
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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