Open Bug 1237453 Opened 6 years ago

Remove Animation::mInEffectOnLastAnimationTimingUpdate and just use mProgressOnLastCompose


(Core :: DOM: Animation, defect)

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firefox46 --- affected


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Bug 1232563 introduced an mProgressOnLastCompose member to Animation. We can use this to do roughly the same thing as mInEffectOnLastAnimationTimingUpdate does.

Specifically, mProgressOnLastCompose will be null if we were not in-effect on the last *ComposeStyle*. That's a bit different to mInEffectOnLastAnimationTimingUpdate which is only updated on each call to NotifyAnimationTimingUpdated.

I think that's only problematic if it is possible to transition in or out of the "in effect" state and call ComposeStyle *without* triggering a call to NotifyAnimationTimingUpdated. i.e. if we had such a transition, called ComposeStyle, updated mProgressOnLastCompose, and then later called NotifyAnimationTimingUpdated we'd fail to notice the change in "in effect" state and potentially fail to update the animation cascade. So I guess we just need to be careful to ensure that is always the case.
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