[16Q1] Document the handling of firefox-ui-tests and mozmill-ci on MDN and wiki.mozilla.org



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Firefox Tracking Flags

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We have to get everything documented so that developers, sheriffs, and contributors can easily interact with those systems.
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Blocks: 1239988
So we will have two distinct places for our documentation:

1. User documentation in how to get our firefox-ui-tests executed (includes mach command) will end-up on MDN. The same applies for the handling of results on Treeherder, canceling and rebuilding jobs via Mozmill-CI.

2. Anything related to project management and contribution will be added to the Wiki under the following location: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Auto-tools/Projects/Firefox_UI_Tests
With the move of firefox-ui-tests and puppeteer into mozilla-central the readthedocs documentation needs an update. I will modify the settings so that we can now build our docs based of gecko-dev on Github.
readthedocs has been updated to pull the code from gecko-dev now. We cover the following versions: master, aurora, beta, and release. I will add esr45 once it is available. Right now its blocked by bug 1250618.

My plan for documentation is:

* Put code related documentation all up on readthedocs including examples (which we can add later)
* Add general test suite information to MDN
* Add a project page to the wiki which can be used for tracking active projects and a general howto
The project page with general information can be found in the wiki:

I will continue to enhance it later with upcoming and planned projects and a roadmap. For now it should be enough.

Over the next days I will spend my time to create a full documentation about our tests on MDN:
No longer blocks: 1239988
Depends on: 1239988
Depends on: 1260656
Dependency bugs have all been fixed by end of March. Marking bug as fixed.
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