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Disable FTU tour before FF45 hits beta


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We'll implement soon a new FTU (bug 1220630) for Hello although during the early days of Beta 45 (until the new FTU is in place), we need to fix the current FTU which still refers to video calling and may confuse people (marketing wants to promote Hello during Beta timelines so it's critical we fix this).

This bug requires disabling the current FTU so that new users have the following experience:
1 Click the Hello button
2 See the Hello panel with no conversations
3 If the user selects the "Tour" option on the gear menu, the user gets taken to the Hello product page

My understanding is that the above requirements can be delivered through changing preference values as follows (although feel free to change if not correct):
- loop.gettingStarted.latestFTUVersion set to 1 by default will get first time users to see the empty Hello panel the first time they click the Hello button (no FTU panel, no FTU tour)
- loop.gettingStarted.url set to will mean that users who select the "Tour" option on the gear menu will not see the door hangers anymore


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Chris, can you please confirm that what is required on the bug here is achievable through changing preferences as suggested?
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Current constant settings in release:
var FTU_VERSION = 0;

Current default user preference:
    "loop.gettingStarted.latestFTUVersion": 0,

If gettingStarted.latestFTUVersion is greater than or equal to(>=) FTU_VERSION, no FTU is shown.
If we are shipping this patch at the same time as the latestFTUVersion is introduced.

Then setting line 15 of panel.jsx:
var FTU_VERSION = 0;

this will cause the FTU not to be shown.

If we have shipped the latestFTUVersion preference before we release this patch then we set:
    "loop.gettingStarted.latestFTUVersion": 1
some how set the users preference to 1 to be the same as the FTU_VERSION.
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"loop.gettingStarted.latestFTUVersion": 1

Added comment on why and how to increment to show new tour later.
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Link to Github pull-request:

r=dmose with the change requested in the PR
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Please note we need to ensure this is part of Aurora 45 before Aurora 45 turns into Beta 45 on January 25th.
If need to push to other branches here is PR:
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