Do not exit private mode on browser re-launch even if there are no private tabs to restore




3 years ago
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3 years ago
While in private browsing, close all private tabs and re-launch Firefox

Result: Firefox will open in normal browsing

Safari will open in private mode in the same conditions
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Why not just choose "Close Private Tabs (When leaving Private Browsing)" in Settings?
This feels like _good_ behavior. If you were doing something you don't want to be conspicuous, closed all your tabs by hand and quit the browser, then you'll breath a sigh of relief when Firefox opens as if nothing were different about your last session, no?

The opposite -- we open on the Private Browsing 'mask' screen, no tabs open -- makes you look shady.

I doubt users will confuse the two (ours is way more obvious than the tiny purple mask on desktop).
Ignore my earlier comment, this bug states expected behavior that I've mentioned from time to time. 

If you leave the browser in Private Mode, you should expect to return to it in Private Mode and have any tabs sent to it open in Private Mode. As mentioned above, this is what Safari does, and why I personally leave Safari in Private Mode. 

Use case: clicking random links from an RSS reader, Twitter, etc. These are one-off links that instead of using the built-in browser in the respective apps, the user would like to open them in Firefox.
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