quicksearch should be all-words-as-substrings, not phrase



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Mail quicksearch should use a all-words-as-substrings search (like bugzilla 
quicksearch).  That way, if I type the name of a sender and get too many hits, 
I can quickly append a subject word to the search, and vice-versa.
Very good idea!
Agreed. CC'ing jglick.
It sounds like a good idea to me too.
adding self to cc list
This bug cannot be fixed before we have nested boolean logic. For example, with
this bug fixed, if you search for "Fred birthday", it would expand to the
following expression:

(((Subject contains Fred) or (Sender contains Fred)) and ((Subject contains
birthday) or (Sender contains birthday)))
Depends on: 59821
OS: Windows 98 → All
Hardware: PC → All
What about having the field be a regex, perhaps if it was prefixed with a / or

then you wouldn't need it to be heirarcical.  It could just be (Subject contains
/(fred|birthday)/) or (Sender contains /(fred|birthday)/)

Although, I spose that is nested really too isn't it? :)

Either way, this would be, "A nice thing"

Karl P
mass re-assign.
Assignee: naving → sspitzer
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
Assignee: sspitzer → mail
*** Bug 248650 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Blocks: TB2SM
No longer blocks: TB2SM
Component: MailNews: Search → MailNews: Message Display
QA Contact: laurel → search
Assignee: mail → nobody
QA Contact: search → message-display
Are there any plans to implement this for TB3?

Implementing this RFE would significantly increase Thunderbird's search power.
Even more so if combined with Bug 462578 (TB3 Thunderbird Quicksearch should have "Subject, Contact (=From, To or CC)" option). Accordingly, all comments in this bug were very positive that this would be a great thing to have...
And supposing that GLODA (global database for storing a meta layer of email information) is there for a reason...?

With current "all words as phrase"-search pattern, it is very hard if not impossible to narraw down your search results to what you are actually looking for. Having filtered all emails from (and to) one contact (which might still be tens or hundreds of hits), how am I supposed to go on from there and find that email with the right subject?

Implementing this bug for TB3 now makes even more sense as it would make the quick filters behaviour more similar to "Search all messages" behaviour (which is similar to what this bug wants, find mail from Peter with subject "holiday" by searching for "Peter holiday").
Filed Thunderbird equivalent Bug 522985 - [TB] Power Filter: Quick Search should filter for all-words-as-substrings, not phrase (aka Filter Revolution, faceted filter)
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