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Support dynamic extend reproduce range


(Testing :: mozregression, enhancement)

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(Reporter: yfdyh000, Unassigned)


Determining a start and end time is difficult, I had to manually run an earlier version to determine if it is a valid starting point (no problem, or existing problem for the reverse find).
I hope that it can support a relative input, and dynamic extend, such as:
`mozregression --good=-90d`, and even directly accept the mozregression --good=-90d.

Then, I hope this allows first attempt the earliest version to determine the extent, or allow the user to use an option "[F]irst" to try it in first choice.

When users find this range may not be enough, the user should be able to expand or re-tune the attempt range, and inherit the original information.

The feature should also support in Gui version.
Typo: and even directly accept the mozregression --good=-90d.
to: and even directly accept the "mozregression -90d".
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